About Us

As fashionistas keep an eye on the hottest trends in the world of fashion we divert our attention to the roomistas who loves to explore the world beyond the horizon taking sanctuary in uniquely designed hotels and accommodative spaces. Welcome to Roomistas! Where the discerning business travellers, leisure travellers and holidaying expatriates find the best safe haven adorned in roomy comforts.

Our Corporate Identity

We are here to serve the great travelling spirit in you, and our mark says it all.

  • It is the numeric value that depicts our standard, and our supremacy in the Hotel industry.
  • The letter "R" of Roomista is for YOU, Our valued customers who are courageous enough to explore new worlds and experience the luxuriance ambience of different safe havens. This online space is just for roomistas like you.
  • The bow tie, which denotes our specialization in the hotel industry, and the characteristics of a faithful servant who is ready to fulfil your accommodative desires.

The further you go the more you realize that there is more out there apart from your home, office and friends places. Travelling revives you, to look into situations with different perspectives, to open minds and warmly inviting knowledge in. Therefore it is our duty to assist you in your aspirations by keeping you warm and seductively pampered for a reasonable value, allowing you to discover the world with more money and more time.